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Create "hospitality Shandong" the development of tourism industry Tourism Bran
Cai Limin in-depth information and ICT Development Group, aluminum and other enterprises, listened carefully to the enterprise economy, industrial chain, introduction of extended and so the details about the transfer mode, adjust the structure of the specific practices and effectiveness. Cai Limin said switch means in accordance with the requirements of restructuring, vigorously develop the circular economy, push forward industrial restructuring, to achieve energy efficiency and emission reduction, promote sustainable development. To make great efforts to do R & D work to improve the capability of independent innovation, and strive to extend the industrial chain, and enhance value-added products and enhance their core competitiveness, promote sound and rapid economic development. Cai Limin site inspections of the tourist reception center in Liaocheng City, China Garden Ejiao health culture and other cultural tourism projects. Cai Limin stressed the need to attach great importance to the development of tourism, the real boost to tourism as a leading industry for economic development, integration of resources, develop new markets, to create "hospitality Shandong" cultural tourism brand. According to the "active as a scientific and pragmatic," the general requirements, and effectively increase the quality and efficient investment in key projects to speed up tourism and enhance the quality and level of tourism development, push forward the industrial structure optimization and upgrading. To continuously upgrade the level of tourism infrastructure in the city to build the brand at the same time, cultivated a group of tourism brand to promote the tourism industry overall.
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