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Giant grapefruit light Guangxi Culture Tourism Festival debut
"Rippling Guijiang River sing and dancing, the convergence of three rivers city folk blend of state of Zhao." Guijiang River, Guilin is located in Pingle County in November 18 to 20 held a grand cultural tourism Guilin Ping Le Guijiang Festival and the first Second grapefruit sections. 18 evening, a rare giant grapefruit lamp stands in the Ma River in Guilin Pingle County Stadium. The 6 meters wide and light grapefruit, 8 meters high, all steel structure, about 5 tons of steel. 36 whole grapefruit light layer of light from the two baskets, and grapefruit Parts, placed in the bottom of one to three baskets of flowers, up to 33 layers are placed a 6666 grapefruit fresh fruit. At dusk, the lanterns, "light grapefruit" in flashing lights, magnificent, magnificent. Pingle County is located in the northeast of Guangxi is Guilin, a southern gateway to the Guangdong region. Pingle County is located in Lijiang, Li Jiang, tea Sanjiang confluence of a long history began in the three countries set up county, state capital of the land for the ages, have passed 1700 years of history. "China pomelo village", in recent years has won only in Guangxi, "Ten National Security quality agricultural base", "fruit of green food production base." That evening, the first Guijiang Cultural Tourism Festival and the second session of the grapefruit sections in a large dance party kicked off. Famous sketch comedy actor Andrew's performances and the wonderful young singer Tan Jing concert, the party lead the climax, late Will attract local people from surrounding counties and fifty thousand people watching. According to reports, the first Cultural Tourism Festival Guijiang grapefruit section and the second session will last 3 days, with the higher level of theory and strong forum activities, but also a series of broad participation of ordinary people interesting agriculture skills competition; a "cultural set up the stage Economic singing "project contract and commodity exchanges, there are financial Guangxi, Guangdong, Hunan, Fujian, and Jiangxi, the essence of Pingle more unique food culture.
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