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Separate risk systems to improve travel information - Sing Tao Daily August
Hong Kong package tours in the Philippine capital Manila hostage unfortunately, 8 people killed, the Government is doing to enhance the travel warning to black the Philippines. The Philippines has long been the difference between law and order in many countries included in the list of travel warnings, after this incident, Hong Kong can provide additional tourist destination of the risk assessment system. Hostage incident, to remind the people of China to strengthen the Philippine travel risks, the Western countries, the United Kingdom, the fastest reaction, perhaps because they were kidnapped at least two of Hong Kong travelers holding passports issued by the British Government. British Foreign Office quickly in the net Page updated travel to the Philippines should pay attention to the contents, but did not raise alert level, because the incident did not make the Philippines more dangerous, as early as set out in pages within the expected risk. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia and Canada provide travel Display pages, the Philippines had to be vigilant as citizens of the place. At present, the supervisor of the Hong Kong Tourism Commission, lack of information, warning of the page with trips in Britain, Australia, Canada, Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advisory web links for easy reference in Hong Kong. These countries have provided diplomatic personnel stationed around the For information, providing detailed travel advice. To Australia and Canada, for example, will remind local people to the bar in Wan Chai Hong Kong is to be charged against drugged and robbed, and the Country Park and Shenzhen robbery, also introduced legislation to pay attention to Hong Kong . Normal and emergency comprehensive grading, treatment is complex and sensitive part of the judge may, if the Government, may involve insurance claims, imposed for security and other arrangements. By contrast, consumption by the Travel Industry Council or Consumers and the promotion of such committees to provide information platform, can be more flexible, if cooperation can be Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the field experience of travel guides, consumers get more personal and practical information. (A06)
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