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Butterfly spring
Butterfly spring is located in Cang Shanyun to get a summit, spring water is clear be like lens. When be being met every year to butterfly, by tens of thousands butterfly flies from far and near, flutter in fontal side all over the sky. Butterfly be like hand greatly, small be like copper cash, countless butterfly still are hooked sufficient need repeatedly, photograph of from beginning to end is held, one string strings together the ground to hang down from large silk tree hang to surface. Multicolored, colourful is marvellous spectacle.

The fokelore of butterfly spring -- very long a long time ago, butterfly spring calls abysmal pool, there is father daughter by the side of the pool 2 people, the daughter calls Wen aunt, clever beauty is like flower of a gold. With hunter glow Lang Ding falls to come after one's death eventually after Wen aunt is grown Wen aunt is reaved by the landlord, xia Lang hunts the risk one's life after coming back rescues him. Unexpectedly officers and soldiers is chased after, 2 people have no way out, in pairs jumps into abysmal pool, immediately, thunder and bolt, tempest. Wait for the sun shines again after rain, tan Zhongfei gives a pair of beautiful and clinking big prize butterfly, countless small butterfly still follow from the back. That day is the traditional Chinese calendar on April 15. From now on, a annual day this, the butterfly of countless beauty is here with respect to assemble collect, relate this beautiful love story. This is famous " butterfly is met " .

Butterfly spring is very close from Zhou Cheng, zhou Cheng is the village and small town of the biggest the Bai nationality inside Dali continent, have nearly 9000 population about, here ever was the imperial garden of Dali king. There is ancient stage inside the village, still have this advocate the ancient building such as temple, Wen Changgong. Already was monarched to be village of travel of folk-custom of the Bai nationality now.

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