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Zhou Cheng
Zhou Cheng is located in north of Dali ancient city 23 kilometers, whole village lives dweller of more than 1500 the Bai nationality, it is the village and small town of the Bai nationality with the biggest Dali.

Here you can see a typical case with " 3 rooms one a screen wall facing the gate of a house " , "4 add up to 5 courtyard " enclosed the Bai nationality that court form form builds civilian house. Have become one courtyard alone, one enter several courtyards, plane shows square. Modelling is big house top of handwriting of young made of baked clay person, 2 layer, duouble-eaved roof; Advocate landlord to or south to, 3 occasional 5, structure of building brick stone, wooden roof tuss uses tenon the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches to combine, one courtyard or several courtyards join become a whole, metope is more outside on white (lime) , next ash (fine mud) plaster.

Civilian of the Bai nationality resides the adornment that values Fang of paper-cut for window decoration of a screen wall facing the gate of a house, door, frontispiece, an arch over a gateway particularly. A screen wall facing the gate of a house is one advocate both sides 3 advocate the necessary construction of court, it is more one tall the two wall put oneself in another's position that raise blueness of brim flying horn lowly to cover with tiles the lid supports; House advocate Fang Zhengqian, frontispiece of join both sides, make tripartite is formed close court. Whitewash with lime in the middle of a screen wall facing the gate of a house, book with 4 inscribe, or embed marble screen; Set all around tick off a covering of the fan, long the design such as square, circle, draw with water mill or famille rose in. Door window especially advocate the grid door of room central room, the rare wood such as wood of the much wood that it is the cloud, Gong Chun, Chinese catalpa, Yun Shan, riches and honour of the golden pheasant on vulture, be radiant with joy, kylin is shown auspicious wait for lucky design. Big portal chooses Haidongqingshanshi dot of fried dough twist of Cheng Zhi of authentic of essence of life, build by laying bricks or stones gives edge trenchant base, go up a structure rigorous, sculpture careful, dougong goes out carry, upturned eaves becomes warped ligneous an arch over a gateway of horn.

In Zhou Cheng, you still can see rich people is plunged into acquire product. Plunge into catching is people of week city the Bai nationality the since civilian tradition craft at the beginning of Ming Moqing, plunge into catch handicraft collect culture, art to be an organic whole. Plunge into catch cloth to be plunged into by manual needle suture, repeatedly cold catch dip to make and become, colour developing green inner tube is emerald green, dignified simple but elegant. With plunge into the handicraft that catchs cloth to make to be full of thick ethical local color already, also have contemporary lasting appeal very much.
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