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Small Pu Tuo
On an isle in sea of Er sea the eastpart part, dam of Dali of open up of avalokitesvara of according to legend the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, a great seal that press down the sea is dropped on the offing that be here, it is an isle namely, in order to press down storm, protect a fisherman, accordingly, fishermans build avalokitesvara cabinet on the isle, commemorate avalokitesvara, name the sea to imprint a fishing village of isle the eastpart part village, call the isle small Pu Tuo hill, avalokitesvara cabinet should be Xiaopu to take off, the meaning place for avalokitesvara cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine.

Small Pu Tuo only then build Yu Ming to take the place of, repaired again 1982, to well balanced cabinet form is built two layers. One offers sacrifices to Buddha Bodhisattva, 2 offer sacrifices to avalokitesvara Bodhisattva.

Small Pu Tuo is located in next to the offshore travel line of double corridor and butterfly spring closing that go up, yacht comes here, want berth island, let a tourist ascend small Pu Tuo, view and admire light of Er sea wind.

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