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The Lu Lew of tea history

The person should resemble a river same, flowing, flowing, not the dwelling place is flowing ahead; Like the river, the song is worn, singing, happy, go bravely on this rough and rough, road that is full of bramble.

-- Ai Wu " south write down all right "

1927, a Sichuan youth of 23 years old goes on this road before us, he is following to take foreigner square a train of horses carrying goods, sweep the young fellow of equestrian dung as, began the brigade of his vagrancy. A certain number of after year, this youth was written down above this word, those who be him this paragraph is itinerary, also be each person that has taken on this road.
To us, everything what what produce a few years ago already too distant. The way had disappeared, the horse's hoof that perhaps that remains to go up in slope of mulish horse decline imprints can tick off have a memory to former days, but years always is enclothed by clay fireweed place; The bridge also had disappeared, those huge reservoir flood the bovine nose hole on cliff deeply, and the certain corner that the iron chain that dismantles debus to come is hidden be in Feng Qing county, became cultural relic; The town returns the ridge between river of billows dark blue and Hei Huijiang to go up, old be being pounded by modern spring tide place with vicissitudes of life, although a variety of culture still are in tenacious ground to exist, but parting times turns round very hard again, become finally " travel notes of Xu glow guest " , " south write down all right " medium account, contemporary perhaps the camera lens in some newsreel, better result becomes the travel tourist attraction like Dali, Li Jiang namely, let oppidan fritter away their idle time.
Suitable get offline, Qing Longqiao, rash Shizhen and rhinoceros street, the place name that these modern do not know almost is relating the story of tea horse ancient course for us, "Drive an a hundred or so be equal to mule, carry 10 jins of about a hundred a load carried by a pack-animal on the back, had turned over a hundred or so Liang Zi, trade commodity of appearance of a hundred or so child, fill the stomach of full shrivelled shrivelled, orgiastic a period of time. " the song of these old a train of horses carrying goods was sung without the person already, remain old person of 779 years old a few to still remember its content dimly only, but this song is out Feng Qing absolutely, because present Feng Qingren makes up a Duanzi to still following this kind of pattern, summing up us to be interviewed this like them is " drop frame work, walk into a village, took a gramophone record... " same. Actually, we are not thorough, because do not have the ancient course that disappears along this to walk up to turn, go the life of a train of horses carrying goods of really true and on-the-spot experience, just driving a car, arrived on the dot of highway and ancient course across, nod from this one next go to mention lightly ground dekko, had seen the history it seems that, but whats don't have discovery actually, hill still is that hill, river still also be that river.
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