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From the river arrive on the west promote unconscious

The past that understand the of great capacity is two counties, the eastern side is a sea, in the west one calls a river on the west. 1956, stem from some kind of consideration, yunnan province incorporated many prefectural town, reduced prefectural amount almost half, river on the west the county disappeared at that time namely. The river that serves as a villages and towns on the west, did not get the great progress like the county, between favour and misfortune, withheld a lot of old scene however, develop an old town in us before.
The river has a city gate on the west, crossing city gate is old street. The city wall is demolished already, city brick is used to the office building of the government that establish a town, still can see the fire time above the brick now: Treat together such-and-such year, smooth mood is such-and-such year. A bit newer structure on old street is to liberate what build first probably, be the same as again bright, the building of period of clear, the Republic of China alternates together, grey house, red wall, Huang Wa, typical ancient town color, go on old street, feeling of vicissitudes of life arises spontaneously.
Best ancient building is being saved in the town is river Xi Wenmiao, made the mobile room of old people now, drink tea, card games. We walk into to slant hall, see the Shi Yuan stool below these old people buttocks appears to compare want commonly big a lot of, backside is recumbent monument. Wait for an old person to rise, look carefully, what they sit is rock beat unexpectedly. Wen Miaozhong should place stone to rouse in the past, strike of stone of according to legend keeps when big Yu Zhishui, there is the script that reads not to understand above, be called in epigaphy inscriptions on drum-shaped stone blocks of the Warring States Period. Authentic rock beat is in Beijing the Imperial College, other every Wen Miao duplicated, in all 10, just arrive now, did not save commonly come down, did not think of the river has a complete however on the west. See the tablet of their backside again, more frightened jump, be yuan of generation unexpectedly " Confucianism learn to to admonish " . Other tablet still has 78, of bright Qing Dynasty have, rely on a wall and stand. Center indoors, had protective effect, just did not think of stool and a back of a chair. There still are many unusual things in Wen Miao, a lofty Tang Bai, stand firm as before; Lattice still has the catchphrase of period of war of resistance against aggression on astral door: War of resistance against aggression surelies win, found a state to be become surely. Also be the whole nation is saved lesser come down.
Town hind has a Pu Yingshan, there is a temple on hill, be called namely " south another name for Yunnan Province incomparable temple, xi Zongdi one hill " round bright temple. This temple is provincial key cultural relic, only then build at yuan acting. Present building is what round peaceful of the dignitary between Guang Xunian builds, the tower of round peaceful is in the temple, it is the chromium of inscription on the memorial tablet with a tomb that Yuan Jia Gu makes. Present abbot connects buddhist Great Master also is a dignitary, "Culture Revolution " Shi Yuanming temple is changed the school, connect buddhist to stay in the temple all the time, rely on one person of student to eat to a meal, protected cloister. Pass his effort now, each mendicant the circle bright temple is reparative anew, restored the dimensions of flourishing period.
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