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Discovery brings place newly, unconscious make a fresh start brings place
"Have first bring place newly, there is Meng Zicheng after. " this word already had listened many a time, is understanding however why? Unconscious setting a county oneself is 1276, and how does buy defend drive newly 1000 place were 1511, already late 200 old. Arriving is prefectural county treats the Ben Gu when the Western Han Dynasty installing place newly to be taken, but if be pushed with this, rather part is far-fetched. Taking this question, we will be apart from a county not far how be pressed down newly.
Nowadays bring place newly, bigger than in the past a lot of times, as the construction of demonstrative town of urbanization of villages, the modern small town by highway of river of an elder brother is rising abruptly. Highway two side, arrive all the time surround the field of whole town, it is to connect entirely piece pomegranate garden. In the town street very capacious, do not have what characteristic than rising with other place, but the season that if arrived,pomegranate harvests, here is the ocean of pomegranate however, be called " pomegranate a street " .
The Meng Zishi pomegranate that is a center with bringing place newly is the industry of a pillar of entire county, cultivate an area to occupy countrywide first place, 30% what crop holds countrywide pomegranate total output about, on annual produce 100 million yuan. What bring place newly is sweet pomegranate, it is the whole nation's particular one great place name spy product, with its a big, flesh thick, nucleus small, juice much, smell is sweet celebrated, seed bead brilliant is like agate, face and nutrient value is high. With its distinct grade advantage occupational market, sell as far as to 28 province town of domestic and Vietnam, Russia to wait for 6 circumjacent countries. Annual 8-10 month, it is the day that pomegranate appears on the market, at this moment collect wears new An Suoyun all directions travelling merchant, pomegranate from trade the market is placed to the street all the time, a bamboo basket of some basket that use bamboo, back, go-cart is being installed, some direct outfit are in the car, some is flat form a pile form a pile the ground is placed on plastic cloth. In the space of pomegranate, it is the car that bustling crowd and contact move back and forth, the travelling merchant that comes from countrywide each district people the dialect that speaking each district talks about the business, goods of workers are busy case, carry, good send busy picture.
Install a pomegranate newly not only delicious, look fortunately. Into piece pomegranate tree is verdant be about to drip, great achievements full branch, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind letting a person, gentle breeze has played side side, carrying a the bottom of one's heart of person of faint scent ooze of a pomegranate. And spring, when pomegranate is spent, bright red, bai Juyi has a poem to say: "Insolation blood bead drop ground, wind turns over blaze to be about to burn a day. " install a several mus pomegranate newly, it is simply " a sea of fire " . Had so good foundation requirement, 3 class invest province, city, county jointly, construction Yunnan saves project of travel of the first agriculture zoology -- install a garden of 10 thousand mus of pomegranate newly area of agricultural travel scene, will become a burgeoning travel tourist attraction austral another name for Yunnan Province.
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