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Lofty hill ancient city
Lofty hill ancient city is located in Yunnan western sad prison the foot of a mountain, the lofty hill of head of red river source, it is a city that has distinguishing feature of culture of full-bodied place history, it is famous city of Chinese history culture, also be the birthplace of Nanzhao country at the same time. Only then build at yuan acting Gu Cheng, in wall of brick of bright generation instead, nowadays scene still. Lofty hill or Yunnan pursue one of areas with the longest time of system of system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan, its long history be pregnant with numerous temple watchs temple, with the natural landscape echo each other at a distance of much appearance, bring out the best in each other.

Lofty hill ancient city had a village to abandon in Tang Chu, yuan when taking the place of, paragraph family name manager begins to build earthy wall, just build a wall formally to Ming Dynasty, make a town up to now still relatively complete maintenance the 600 chessboard structure that build city time before New Year more, it is China saves the most in good condition Ming Qinggu to build group, crisscross of freely of lane of the ave inside Gu Cheng, show construction of well word structure, share 25 street, 18 alley, full-length 14 kilometers; It is a center with astral arch building, street shape of the word that become a well distributings to come.

Maintain well word to build structure, it is lofty hill a when Gu Cheng is building an aspect since axiomatic Qing Dynasty more successful experience, the spread with the corresponding development of the meantime addition as population, economy repaired a few street. The building inside the city held Chinese style construction basically, south, line of boreal main shaft the house of two side is whole saved bright, the case of structure style zephyr of quiet period. The civilian house majority inside Gu Cheng is compound type, maintained Dali the Bai nationality " 3 lane one a screen wall facing the gate of a house " , "4 add up to 5 courtyard " the characteristic of building construction, 2 outside boreal door street it is main living area, face a street to be shop front and gate, width is 6-7 rice commonly, the residence is from the back. Whole sit city wall height of Gu Cheng is same, scan widely looks, the line of sight is open, divine Qing Dynasty enrages bright!

Lofty hill is antediluvian the Gu Cheng that still puts. The folkway of of primitive simplicity, appropriate climate and deep culture inside information, brought up the life disposition that anger about trifles of mind of lofty hill person decides. In my amazed inside Gu Cheng discovery, have unexpectedly from right the annunciate that writes to Zun Shu, besides had seen on telecine besides, be in other place, I had not seen really. A lot of people like lofty mountain raise orchid, orchid breed is various, with orchid of new year's day is tasted for classy beautiful, it is in new year's day when blossom, florescence is as long as 4 months, the life mood that these reflect the living environment with a pure and fresh of primitive simplicity of ancient city person, harmonious nature and decorous aesthetic appeal.
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