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Chiliad Xin Huayin, Dali is new China village
New China village is a hamlet of old and beautiful the Bai nationality, hill of its back phoenix, the crane is faced to celebrate dam before child, of the village all round the careless sea wet ground that is large area, the bittern of group in the sky is in what edible seaweed spends to circling with all sorts of water bird. Be called here downy a region of rivers and lakes, village river pool is densely covered, little bridge running water, walk into farmhouse casually, there is the spring water of one bark clear thorough in the courtyard, dip rises to be able to be drunk, let a person feel here is a mystical good place. Of Dan Xinhua village famous, not be to rely on water, rely on a trade that every family pursues however, be called " little weight has been knocked millenarian " handicraft of gold, silver-colored, copper processes trade, it is so in more than 1000 years of in the past, new China village is called " the countryside of port artisan " .
Arrive from southeast Asia Tibet, Nepalese, along whole tea Ma Gu, want to have the place of bullion bronze ware only, have new the craftsman of China village. They are stoking stove, carrying little weight, walk along a village to string together stockaded village, for the decorations with beloved forge of every nationality people, automatical, new China village became tea Ma Gu on the road the shirt-sleeve dot of each people culture. Of chiliad accumulate, make not only new China village had deep culture intention, also gave many craft masters, the gentleman of mark of very little hair that visits like us, combine organization of article of state religion division to award namely " Great Master of civilian arts and crafts " , the pure Yin Jiulong that he contrives crock, " Chinese dragon " hang a handicraft that etc is wonderful artical excelling nature. Be in as a result of very little Great Master Tibet is old, his small courtyard hides match well in vain, the in full swing in the courtyard, 78 workers are in join forces forge two tall the 3 large bronze statue of rice. Actually, should walk into only new an any other peoples of China village, can see the picture that machines all sorts of handicraft, new the little weight of China village knocks the production value that come out every year to exceed 100 million yuan, it is the industry of one big pillar that the crane celebrates a county.
The person that be attracted is much, tourism is in new China village development rises. 2003, with " supermarket home appliance " the group came celebrated Cheng Xing new China village, the travel scene area that begins to make form of a 4A and China western commodity of base of the largest production of ethical folk handicraft, travel trades distribution centre. Filling president Mr Cun Shengrong that starts a group is new China village person, also be to rely on the world of a small hammer to become famous civilian battalion entrepreneur in those days. He grows Yu Si, hep the scene here and culture setting, plus the mood that benefit one'ses native place, then decision investment is built 500 million yuan " Xin Huabai a group of things with common features travel village " , already completed investment at present 267 million yuan.
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