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Board bridge presses down Long Yang area

The small town of hematic fire founding
Board bridge presses down Long Yang area

The place that Yunnan calls board bridge is very much, the reason that substantially forms is the bridge that there is a board to be built on the river, the person that take is much, became place name. Period of the Western Han Dynasty, sichuan body poison deputy prosperous temporarily, yong Changjun of city of beneficial of by way of from time to tome one " wintersweet Gu Du " . In fokelore, two arrive from inland the mercantile Qiu Liangyu of border area deal and Dong Hu child, two people are in " wintersweet Gu Du " frame board for the bridge, draw 4 country with the goods of cheap of qualitative actor price again the people of 8 adjacent comes this trades, from now on board bridge formed market, not only radiation periphery each district, still clutch the pharynx and larynx of southern the Silk Road. Xu Xia of bright generation big traveler's guest call here " board bridge a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place " . To the Republic of China year, board bridge already became regional commodity to machine distributing center center, "Feng Jia Si 5 days of one street, make an appointment with more than 40000 people into city, prosperous the coronal that is entire county " , "For Yi on the west one big market " .
Spring low low-lying illuminate is protecting the sunshine of day hill dam child, the oily cauliflower that sways completely with the wind catchs heavy colour for the earth, the board bridge town that we search is in the center of ground of day of cloud of this green jade, chrysanthemum.
800 meters long green dragon market, bluestone paves a road, empty street is lonesome. Enter here accidentally we, be pulled to grow by sunshine lasting inclined vague impression, had crossed 7.2 meters wide street, on the mottled bed board that joins another side. Zhang Huaqin old person of 76 years old takes what already managing 45 acting people " Wu shoemaker " at the back of bar, inclined inclined sunshine is taking her aged body, but she still is holding hammer strongly, forcibly together piece wooden watchman's clapper is hit into the shoe that is placed between two legs, very fast buccal cloth shoe is in a pair of vintage 1000 bottoms circles shaped in her hand.
Such old person on green dragon street is very much, make a shoe, of quarter tablet, hit horseshoe, sell sundry goods, ground of generation of for generations generation hands down. On their body, days appears already backwater, but the soul that they are green dragon streets. Inconceivable is, if in the big house of those open, did not have these old people, it is what kind of picture.
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