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A day of city child

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A day already will be March. On the one department roof that I stand in the hamlet among this Yunnan big hill, raise good horse. The big mist of one village diffuses when early morning, enter as the ejaculation of sunshine had dropped off gradually, the earth that layer cascade folds builds room appear vividly at the moment. The fascicular fireweed side eave is not green still, be caught by sunshine light bright yellow; On the hill of far, have the pine tree of blackish green, have blossomming the peach of pink leaf, on the hillside often flash is worn piece the small Bai Ju that sways with the wind.
Hamlet famous city child, be located in Lu the county always coulds there be on the west countryside churchyard, because village layout is like the castle and get a name completely. Whole village depends on hill and build, layer upon layer and the steps leading up to a house that the earth that go up builds a room to form one class class, have 17 at most, also be in commonly 10 above; Many earth build the roof join together of the room to be together, form grow the platform that amounts to tens of rice to get on 100 meters even; Many 1000 earth builds whole village photograph of room from beginning to end is held or the left and right sides abuts, hundreds other people in the village the knot is an organic whole.
Early is gotten since village person, admirable view was formed when smoke from kitchen chimneys waves in the wind, but sunshine hides in however thin in thin mist. Very fast, bacchic with noisy the language of empty hill bird when replacing early morning, it is so active that whole hamlet appears. The senile association of the mouth of pace whereaboutldirection village that early postprandial old person is striding leisurely delay, youths or pulling an ox, or driving a car, or carrying load begin to work, women carry water, wash clothes, knit banquet, even piece the place that children plays was become on housetop. The commanding elevation from the village looks downward, city child ground of be clear at a glance presents the village before in me.
Rambling city child, knowing is to go in courtyard heart, still go in housetop. Before one housetop is hind courtyard heart, earth builds a house layer upon layer be linked together, walked along this to above a beard must be mounted along ladder, go to below one, a bit shorter can very quickly and below. Each from the stone among rank and aspirant upstairs come again into principal rooms, house top reachs on the wicket that upstairs passes next, stem from ventilated and pervious to light need, in the put apart on housetop of 2 meters of square empty, up and down stair photograph is held, can enter an other people from platform again, till string together whole village other people. This kind of distinctive dorp form, decided the villager people must want to get along well, friendly solidarity ability lives go down.
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