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Collect second past, Chu Xiongbi town

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   The place name that be less than seeks on a map, the place of an actual existence, of flick away history dusty, leave uncovered shows extraordinary of through the ages. A symbol of war of Nanzhao country, experience east cook Wu Man 37 a foul wind and a rain of blood, field and one close big screen are in collect pull open, "The belle's city " appear vividly at annals. When Tang Ming emperor and Yang Guifei are in Hua Qingchi " hot spring water is slippery wash coagulate fat " when, luo Ciwen spring also be pregnant with generation Princess Dai Nazhao, nowadays " belle " distant and out of sight, flow millions upon millions years only drip never-failing spring still alimentary earth and all living things. Mountains and rivers-land of bright and beautiful, content Hua Tianbao, the Luo Ciren sunrise of laborious goodness and make, sunset and breath, years of heaven and earth of the Communist Party of China of stand aloof from the worldly affairs is stiff, of the Die that enjoy octogenarian period, past dynasties of 100 years old of old people cans be found everywhere; Great clear emperor, all without exception of president of or the Republic of China establishs tablet to build mill on this land, with 100 years old the old person colors its millennium, in cloud of dusk rain face, lane still is in, the country already died, but " macrobian countryside " already imprinted on bluestone however. Alley mouth setting sun, bridge bank wild flower, old Luo Ciye enters in old age, accompanying iron ore development, railroad construction, a burgeoning green jade town rises abruptly here, rise and fall is alternant in, the past is like smoke, follow wind and go.

Collect second, tang Dynasty is east cook 37 collect ministry mixes Wu Man second ministry, yuan era adds up to 2 to set collect second county, removed a county 1960, merge into county of abundant of salary of Chu Xiong city.
Collect second it is the place that cannot find on a map, regard place name as it already die out, but the regular bus that arrives everyday over there still is being written " Kunming -- collect second " . The person with a bit older age also knows collect second, collect second silk of the porket that bake, turnip, yam, there still is trifling impression in the heart in old Kunming person, a bit younger person is done not have more had heard of.
Luo Cili Kunming is not very far, classics is quiet the highway that decides to fierce also is controlled with respect to 90 kilometers. More than 10 years before an accidental opportunity, I am transient collect second, feeling a tunnel a winding path leading to a secluded spot, the greatly small siheyun a richly ornamented building inside deep wall of vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes, paint the dew after door of gules partition board of door or window frame of one door or window frame manages the store of dusky. From now on, I remembered collect second this place, because of it old with vicissitudes of life.

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